Saturday, May 21, 2016

Spring in Maryland

120.9 ft Tulip Poplar with wild limbs
Since moving back to Maryland, it's been a treat to follow spring with fresh eyes. Spring in Maryland is about as nice as anywhere I have ever been. The landscape transforms from a gloomy, grey winter scene into one vibrant with color. On clear sunny days, it is simply dazzling. We've had a lot of gray cloudy, rainy days as of late, but this week I think we will be on the cusp of summer.

I have been slowly familiarizing myself with a few trails in the area. Wild nature still exists in pockets, the concrete jungle definitely dominates the land here right now, at least in the DC area. Nevertheless, it's been a joy slowly learning the native wildflowers that grow here. I also bought a laser rangefinder and clinometer and have been measuring and learning the many different types of trees here. I'm really just beginning, and I am excited about what lies ahead. My goal for now, is just to measure heights of trees that call out for whatever reason, I'm not expecting to find any height records or anything like that, just communing with the forest, for now, and searching for some of its secrets...

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