Tuesday, July 21, 2009


What does going to Sears Auto Center have to do with hiking? Well, it occurred to me a couple of weeks ago that I was going to have to get my tire patched before I left for the JMT or there was a good possibility I would return to my car with a flat, right, passenger side tire.

I'm embarrassed to admit I've been driving around with this nail in my tire for months now. Yes, I am "that guy."

I noticed the nail shortly after I had a different tire replaced due to a nail in the sidewall a few months ago. From what I could tell, the nail looked as if it were acting like the perfect plug. Nestled in tightly between the treads, flat against the ground. The tire did, however, require me to visit the air machine every couple of weeks to re-inflate it. Now that the patchwork is done, hopefully I can return from the trail to my car ready for the drive back to LA.

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