Saturday, January 16, 2010

Griffith Park Jan. 16, 2010

I went for a hike this morning in Griffith Park before heading in for work. A few new friends have have arrived this week along the trail. I'm still trying to get used to the seasons here in Southern California. The Sycamore trees are finally losing their leaves which would normally be a sign of autumn in Maryland. However, the wildflowers are beginning to sprout here, which usually is a sign of Spring in the middle eastern states.

I don't know what these spectacular orange flowers are. I couldn't find them in my research which makes me wonder if they are an invasive species.

Cloudy skies are a sign of things to come this week. One thing that is of particular interest for PCT thru hikers is the depth of the snow pack in the Sierra. It is often the determining factor in regards to the optimum starting date. If a hiker arrives to the Sierra too early, then he or she may have to wait until enough snow melts to allow safe passage. At this moment, snow levels are about, to slightly below average. Sounds like that is about to change. It's supposed to rain most of the week here in LA, and the Sierra is supposed to get inundated with snow. Last I heard, weather forecasters were predicting measurements by the yard, not by feet. Great news for drought stricken California.

Feltleaf Everlasting (above)

Castor Bean (above)

I had to remind myself to tread lightly. Before taking the above photograph of the 134, I stomped up the hillside and unfortunately scared off a small fox or coyote that was walking in the grass. Probably would have been a great picture opportunity had I been a little more careful.
This red tailed hawk (below) flew about 10 feet next to me as he was swooping down into the grass to perhaps find some breakfast. It was an incredible sight.

Canterbury bells (above)
Thank you Lord, for the opportunity to see and experience the work of Your hand...

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