Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sandstone Peak

Wooly Blue Curls (above)
Sandstone Peak is the highest mountain in the Santa Monica Mountain Range at 3111 ft. As you can see, it was another glorious day in Southern California. It's the first time in a while I've been to the coast and there wasn't a huge layer of fog obstructing the views.

I actually hiked this mountain within the first month of moving to LA in the spring of 2008. I found today's hike to be more enjoyable. The first thing I noticed was the smell in the mountains. It reminded me of a smell I experienced the first time I visited the southern Sierra in the fall of 2008. The smell was smokey, almost like a BBQ, and made me hungry while hiking. I'm not sure what produces the aroma. I'm guessing the juniper bushes or sage plants. I don't really know for certain.

I hiked the Mishe Mokwa loop, about a six mile round trip. All in all, I felt blessed to be outside, walking amongst God's creation, and learning more about the mountains in this part of Southern California.

Looking east towards the good ol' San Gabriel's. (distant peaks)

Hoaryleaf Ceanothus (above)

Wild Cucumber (above)


Chaparral Currant (above)

Manzanita (above)

Shooting Stars

When I came across a small patch of shooting stars today, it was like revisiting old friends from the Sierra. Their shape is so distinct, I always enjoyed seeing them along various streams along the John Muir Trail.

The Channel Islands in the distant Pacific Ocean.

Snow capped Mt. Baldy in the distance.

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