Sunday, January 17, 2010

Inspiration Point (San Gabriel's)

Sweet alyssum (above)

I took a hike up to Inspiration Point point today before the rains set in. It was nice to hike in the San Gabriel's again even though this particular hike was unlike most of my previous excursions in this mountain range. There were tons of people on the trail. In fact, I think this was the busiest trail I've been on since I first started hiking in Southern California a year and a half ago. With it's popularity, come all things human unfortunately: Plastic bottles and aluminum cans in bushes, candy wrappers on the trail, spray paint on rocks, and worst of all, used toilet paper stuck to thorny bushes and plants. Not that it was everywhere, but just enough to want to say, "Come on people!!!"
I'm not quite sure why this trail is so popular. I'm guessing it's because of it's proximity to Pasadena. Perhaps since most of the National Forest is still off limits due to the Station Fire, this trail has seen an increase in traffic. Perhaps its due to the area's history. I can't say for certain. One thing is for certain, the trail offers a great workout.

Rosemary (above)
Before hiking up to Inspiration Point, I took a side trail up to a ridge that passed several historical markers describing the Mount Lowe Railroad. It's crazy to think how much work went into building the railroad only to have it destroyed by one natural disaster after another.
Speaking of natural disasters, the fire line from the Station Fire also was clearly visible at the top of the ridge. One side of the mountain was completely scorched, while the other side escaped unscathed.

The Echo-phone (above).

Hillside gooseberry (above)

Despite the random screams and hello's from the echo-phone, the hike to the Point was rather enjoyable. The crowds thinned out, the trail steepened, and the vegetation took on a wilder appearance.

Once I reached the top of the ridge, the fire line was once again visible. Looks like Inspiration Point barely dodged the bullet. There wasn't much to see today through the fixed telescopes except the looming storm clouds preparing to dump up to 20 inches of rain in some parts of the mountains this week. Looks like it will be an interesting week, especially in the burn areas.
View towards Mt. Wilson (above).

Easter Rock (above)

Crimson spot rock rose (above)

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