Monday, December 27, 2010

A Different Kind of Hike

I went for a different kind of hike today. It was more like a walk. A walk on a bike path. But, I consider it a hike because I did get "off path" a bit. I also probably walked a good five miles or so. I think its official, my legs have now atrophied.
The ocean looked quite rough today in Ft. Bragg. Huge waves crashing into the rocks. I have yet to see any surfers up here. When I drove down the coast many years ago, I remember seeing surfers everywhere, north and south. Maybe there just aren't enough people living in this area to produce a crop of surfers.


  1. Sea level. Now that's a change of pace. :D

    Neat how the leaves of the plants in the picture at the top of this post match the one at the top of your page.