Saturday, December 11, 2010

Valley View Trail 2

Lots of newts on the trail

I wanted to check out the Valley View Trail a little more this afternoon, and see how far it went. It's really quite a strenuous hike. The first hour is all uphill, I'm guessing at least 1000 feet in elevation gain. I was hoping that this hike would be a little more peaceful than last. It was not to be however. Once again, as soon as I reached the point where the trail finally begins to level out, it sounded like World War Three in the canyon. Guns were a blazin.' In fact, at one point, I thought I heard a machine gun. Anyways, I debated whether to continue on. Not one to give into fear, I decided to press on anyhow, despite bullets piercing the evening skies. Thankfully, the trail came down off the ridge and into a valley where the gunshots were muffled, and I came to a nice creek. That's where I met the trail junction to the Mayacmas Trail. One of these weekends, once the weather gets better, I'll have to see where it goes. Since the sun was getting ready to set, I decided to turn around. I was greeted by a couple of owls hooting in the trees near the parking area.


  1. Did you get to view the valley?

  2. Yep, but the pictures didn't really turn out.