Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Change in the Weather

We've had a break the last couple days from the hot temperatures that enveloped the area recently. A storm blew in from the north bringing rain and cooler temperatures.

I drove out to Ft. Bragg for work but had a sudden cancellation. I had my sweatshirt, rain jacket, camera, some time, and the willingness to walk, so I headed out to the bluffs.

It was an exceptional hike. As many wildflowers are transforming into seeds or whatever they turn into, several other wildflowers are coming into being and taking center stage.

Having the proper layers allowed for maximum enjoyment despite the drizzle and rain.

Half way through the hike, I arrived at a state park restroom. When I opened the door to the restroom, I had an instant PCT flashback.

While hiking through Washington, Indie and I spent one particular cold and rainy day hiking into Mt. Rainer National Park. The trail went through a small part of the park, and crossed a road where there was a parking lot and your typical unisex, pit toilet restrooms.

There, inside this nasty public restroom, was a moment of nirvana. I'd never been so happy to be out of the elements for a few minutes, to have a seat, to enjoy a couple of degrees of extra warmth.

After using the facilities, I told Indie these were the moments and stories we were most likely to tell our friends, girlfriends, wives, family members, nieces and nephews, grandchildren and to you the blog readers in the months and years after the hike. We most likely would tell these stories and receive the rolling of eyes, or blank stares, or quick dismissal and change of subject. The grandkids would say, "Oh no, not another PCT story!"

So, I apologize to you, my one or two readers, for boring you with these stories, that simply have to be told for no reason whatsoever, other than they were moments imprinted on my brain for better or worse.

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