Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sierra Difference (August/July)

On this stormy Saturday, I put together 3 collages that show the difference in the Sierra along the JMT in August compared to July. The upper row were taken in August 2009 and the lower row in July 2010. Some places were drastically different than others. (Click to enlarge. Double click to enlarge again!)


  1. I'd be really curious to see some from June 2011, for comparison. July 2010 looks pretty thick with ice in some cases. Those places must be totally buried right now!

    [Through the miracle of the Internet and free wireless access in my hotel room, I can post from hundreds of miles from home! :D]

  2. Skyhiker, I saw a set of pictures taken about a week ago, I recognized a few of the places like Muir Pass for instance, and it was unbelievable how buried it is. The link is here: