Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Snow Bridges

Northern Yosemite (July 2010)

Near Muir Pass (July 2010)

Also near Muir Pass (July 2010)

An interesting and scary article about snow bridges in the LA Times yesterday. As the warm temperatures continue, I'd imagine that conditions could be dangerous in the Sierra this week with melting snow and swift river crossings. Be careful out there!

(Indie and Answerman cross a small snowbridge below Forester Pass 2010)


  1. I read the Times article after you posted it and can't get it out of my mind. What a heroic, terrifying story! Trips me out. Yesterday, while walking on snow, because let's face it, there is more than words can adequately tell about, I post holed and thought of the woman in the story. I was, with one leg, in the snow up to my hip and the water underneath was filling my shoe. Took me awhile to get out, and though the consequence for me was mere irritation and my foot was freezing, still it was only a second worth of her three hours in the snow/water. Dang. PCT'ers are starting to show up and they look haggard. Such hard work back there in the Sierra.

  2. Oh my, be careful out there Robin! Sounds like she was a pretty experienced hiker/runner as well.