Tuesday, June 12, 2012

12 Month CDT Countdown

Five Minutes on the Continental Divide Trail from D. Alvarez on Vimeo.
The 12 month Continental Divide Trail countdown begins. I am very happy where I am at this moment. I'm glad I've decided to wait until 2013 before attempting another long trail. I think the focus of this blog in the next year will consist of redwood exploring and CDT planning. In the meantime, I am in the process of purchasing a Nikon 440 laser rangefinder to help facilitate the measuring of tree height. My math skills are pretty mediocre. In fact, I received a "D" in high school geometry my junior year. Measuring trees seems to require a bit of math, so this will be a new avenue to explore. I never thought I'd ever need geometry again in my life, so I'm hoping to "knock down some walls" that exist in my mind, my fear of math. Also, I will be acquiring some new gear in the coming months. Gear talk bores me to death, so I won't concentrate on that, but will share what I discover. For now, the above video is a fun 5 minute perspective of the CDT by Daniel Avalrez.

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  1. Gear talk is interesting to lay people. I'd like to see more of it! Also, I think you'll find math more fulfilling now that you have a reason to use it, and are not in a forced learning environment. It's amazing how much more interesting boring school stuff is when someone isn't making you learn it!