Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hendy Woods

The weekend started off with a gift from the universe. One of my clients canceled their session Friday morning just as I was driving past Hendy Woods. To have a potential three extra hours of hiking in the morning was something I could not pass up. A morning walk through the redwoods was in order.

 Not only were the trees as stunning as usual, but the Navarro River was spectacular. To see trees towering above a lazy, turquoise creek is a feast for the senses.

 The high point of the morning was to find three barred owls sitting on a branch. Once again, I thought it was the elusive spotted owl, but after looking through my binoculars, I could see the brown streaks on the breast of the owls, rather than spots. One of the owls was making an interesting noise, almost like a person trying to whistle through their teeth, with a crescendo at the end.
 The ranger told me afterward, that a family of barred owls had made residence near the campground. She was wondering if the mother was taking her offspring out for a tour. It didn't take long for my time to run out and return to work on the coast. Nevertheless, a great start to the weekend.

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