Friday, July 6, 2012

Fukushima Tsunami Debris? (Lost Coast, CA)

 Here are some items that I think may have arrived to the Lost Coast from Fukushima, Japan. Above is a plastic bottle with Asian writing on the label. There were many plastic bottles with shapes that did not appear to have been made in America lying on the beach.
 Above is a light bulb with Asian writing. How a light bulb survived the tsunami, traveled across the Pacific, and was deposited unscathed on the rocks of the Lost Coast is a mystery. Attached to the bulb are goose necked barnacles, which I don't believe are invasive.
 One boy found this piece of wood with Asian writing on it and strapped it to his pack as a memento.
 A Japanese shoe?
Above is a computer or TV screen covered with goose necked barnacles. Did this come from Fukushima?

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