Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jim Wolf Books CDTS

My goodness, time is moving along quickly. Yesterday, I sent off a check to purchase the Continental Divide Jim Wolf Books and Supplements. These are the guide books recommended by CDT hikers to use if one wishes to hike and stay "found" on the Continental Divide Trail. It's ironic that the office is located on Charles Street in Baltimore. I used to work in an office in Baltimore on Charles Street many years ago. I guess Baltimore is a different kind of wilderness. Anyhow, the books (along with other merchandise) can be bought  through the CDTS website located here. Just click on "Marketplace" and you can access the store. The books cannot be purchased with an online credit card number at this time, so you need to send a check or pay using a paypal account. The books and supplements cost me $162.28.

1 comment:

  1. I hope in the guide there is information on a side trip up Bison "Ass!" Head mountain! Someone needs to knock that one off during our lifetimes. Ha!