Saturday, July 28, 2012

Redwood Goodness

 Today I experienced a great little hike. Probably can't really call it a hike, it was more of a visit. There is a tiny grove of redwoods I've had my eye on for quite a while, and today I decided to investigate. I wasn't sure if it was on private property or not, so I started taking small country roads that led me into the general vicinity.
 As I got closer to the grove, I spotted two women walking up a dirt road. Cowgirls. Sun-bleached blond hair and and sun kissed faces. A couple of California beauties. I slowed down and asked the women if the redwoods in the valley were accessible.

"Not really," one of them answered. "It's private property. But...."
She proceeded to tell me her name and said I could make a quick visit. If anyone asked why I was trespassing just to tell them that I was a friend of hers.

Wow, what a gift.
 (I will call her Allison for the story's sake.) Allison told me that redwoods once covered the hillsides all around where we were standing. These trees are also unusual because they grow so far inland. The rest had been logged long ago, and farms now stand where redwood habitat used to be. It was stunning. God, I wish I could see what Northern California used to look like. It must have been overwhelming.
 After parking my car in some gold California grass, I had to crawl under an electric fence, and then made my way across a field to where the redwoods were growing. There were only about two dozen of them, but once inside, it was like a little temple.
I probably spent no more than fifteen minutes taking pictures and inspecting the trees. They were of good size as the pictures show.
 I promised Allison that I would be quick so I walked back across the field and crawled under a couple electric fences once again. I gave myself a tick check when I arrived at my vehicle. As I made my way off the beautiful property, I saw Allison riding on a horse and gave her a wave and a thanks.
When I arrived home, I discovered another tiny deer tick that had already embedded itself in my stomach. It's a miracle that I haven't caught Lyme disease this summer. It almost seems unfair that one cannot walk through these fields without picking up ticks. So far this summer, it seems literally impossible.

Anyhow, it was an excellent visit. Thank you "Allison!"


  1. Nice little visit, except for the tick.

    I've also gotten bit a few times this year. The last one was a super-tiny one. I felt what has become the familiar pain of an embedded tick, looked right at it, and saw nothing. A few hours later, I looked more closely and saw the tiny little thing. Popped him off with my tick spoon.

    Saw several other similar bite marks on my chest, but not other ticks. That was after one of my Santa Monica Mountains hikes.

    Not that I want to tempt fate, but now that I've "survived" multiple bites, I get less freaked out when I see them. Still want to get them removed as soon as possible, though!

  2. Yeah, I feel about the same. The first mini tick I got earlier this year was traumatic, but now I feel like a survivor as well. I still can't stand seeing those tiny ones, but its not as alarming as it once felt.