Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Prairie Creek Post Storms

Some poor visitor's truck smashed by a bay laurel.

Hillside giant with a flipper.
Warm, dry, open, and sun filled hillside grove.

"This is why we discourage visitor's from visiting during windy days," the park ranger informed me while standing next to a smashed pick up truck. Her message was directed toward me as well. It was Monday, February 9, 2015. Most of the really severe weather had passed, but the forest was still reeling from another pruning job via Mother Nature.

The Parkway was closed again and I only checked a few spots in the park, lots of branches and limbs down on many of the trails and parking areas and roads. Some spots worse than others. Trees were down as well in spots, some snapped in half. I guess this is normal for the redwoods to shed branches and limbs like a dog shaking off a bad case of fleas. I imagine it will take a while to clear off trails...

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