Monday, February 23, 2015

Prairie Creek/Redwood National Park

Prairie Creek meadow on a clear frosty morning.

Redwood Morning
Morning on the trail
Walking through logged forest. Mutated fairy ring.

Stump and cables
Entering this particular forest is about as close as I can get to a spiritual experience. Wild canopies, screeching hawk, untouched forest. Terrifying, yet inviting. I can only stay so long, before I need to get out.

Ancient Forest Canopy

Camped out in Prairie Creek over the weekend to get an early start and check out more logged and old growth areas. This particular trip I was all over the map. The sky remained completely clear for at least two days and the night I was there. It became very cold at night, and the stars were out bright. It was neat taking a short walk near the meadow at night, listening to the frogs, and staring up at the stars, watching the meadow fog come and go. I've seen these same stars in so many places around this country, each spot has a mystique of it's own. The redwood forest can really feel overly intense at times day or night. Pretty much hiked myself stupid, but learned a little more about the area in the process...

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