Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Stumps of Redwood National Park

Former Forest Giant
I will call this tree the "Sleeping Bat." A redwood remnant with several reiterations growing off the top, located in logged portion of forest.
There are still random untouched random giants like this one, not logged for some reason.
Stump and scars
There are several large areas in Redwood National Park that have been logged, and are worth checking out if you want to experience something different. I entered one small area on Monday, just to look around for a short while. This was, and I guess you could still call it prime redwood habitat. The forest looks absolutely fucked. There are huge stumps back there. However, there are giant, awesome, dead, burned out redwood shells that the loggers never bothered cutting, that you can look at. There are also random forest giants that were not cut, I'm assuming due to the strange way the trees grew, making the wood less valuable. It's a redwood freak show, as fairy rings abound, and the trees have all sorts of other mutations where they attempt to do everything they can to stay alive and keep growing. There are probably some really interesting things to find back there. Makes me wonder what the forest will look like in 500 years, if not cut. Probably pretty wild...

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