Saturday, June 11, 2016

On the Cusp of Summer

Potomac River running high and muddy

Indian Pipe "the ghost plant"

125.75 ft. Tulip Poplar
This weekend brings the first 90 degree days of the season. I've been in a weird place psychologically this week. On one hand, I am trying to move forward and reconnect to my home. On the other hand, I feel like I am in a strange state of mourning for big wilderness. I find myself thinking about the west, the mountains and redwoods in particular like one would think of a long lost girlfriend. It's ridiculous really. My Facebook news feed is filled with hiking friends embarking on their latest adventures, as well as articles and news from the west. I wake up in the morning and one of my first thoughts is usually traveling through the redwood forest. I really, really miss it. Driving home from work earlier this week, I was stuck in a traffic jam. However, as my car continued to come to a halt, I had time to glance at enormous white cumulus clouds. I was immediately transported to Yosemite Valley, and thought of staring at the same type of clouds floating over Half Dome. I had an indescribable ache in my gut. When I am not working,  I seem to be somewhere else out west in my mind 75% of the time...

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