Monday, June 27, 2016

Heat, Heights and Fireflies

Red bellied woodpecker

Huckleberries in my backyard woods

Large sycamore tree: 14 ft. 7in. cbh. Height: 107.68 ft.

Tulip poplar 128.99 ft
The forest changes week after week. Summer heat is here, thankfully humidity has been tolerable. I was pleasantly surprised to see some ripe huckleberries on my last hike in my "backyard wilderness." Once again, I was immediately transported to the Pacific Northwest, the first time I ever ate a huckleberry in Oregon on the Pacific Crest Trail. So thankful to have all of these reminders of magnificent places in my own backyard. I've really been enjoying measuring tree heights around the area as well. It's an addicting hobby. Also a bit challenging right now with the forest completely leafed out. The Tulip poplar above was a treat to measure, no obstructions whatsoever, and a very nice looking tree. Fireflies are out at night. I grew up with them so they are easy to take for granted. A few days ago, I took a few minutes to just stare at a dark area of forest and watch the blinking lights. I think it's truly one of the most magnificent natural phenomena a person can witness...


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  2. I think "Chris Walsh" is just posting an ad, disguised as a generic comment that could be posted anywhere.

    I didn't realize huckleberry lived out east. I always associated it with the Rockies, because I completely stocked up on huckleberry chocolates and huckleberry jams when I visited Yellowstone, a number of years ago. Never saw an actual huckleberry plant, before.