Saturday, July 23, 2016

Blue Ridge Parkway: Road Trip 2016

Indigo Bunting

Rhododendron in full bloom in late June

While hiking the Appalachian Trail last summer, I had a hunch I might be returning to Maryland post trail from California. When I said goodbye to California before hiking the Appalachian Trail, I left all of my belongings in a storage unit out there. I thought that if I did that, it would force me to return post trail. Although my head and heart wanted to return to California, my head and heart felt a stronger pull to be closer to family in Maryland. While hiking the AT, I had several plans to get my belongings and return to Maryland. None of my plans came to fruition. What actually happened was not something I ever considered a possibility. A road trip with my parents! A couple months ago, my mom suggested she wanted to clear house and drop a trailer's worth of belongings to my two sisters who now live in Texas. After that, we could head out to California and get my stuff and then return home. A three week road trip! I think my mom, dad, and I all had a little trepidation with the plan, but it all worked out wonderfully. It was a real treat to travel with my parents as an adult.

The next few posts will simply be photos from some of the more scenic spots where we stopped along the way. The temptation was there to do more sightseeing, but it would have taken a lifetime to really see everything. We really just skimmed the surface everywhere we went, but time was limited. Here are some photos from our first scenic spot: The Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes to stamp a place into the memory banks...

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