Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer is Here

Nothing like Maryland skies in the summer

110.02 ft. Tulip Poplar
Summer is here. I've continued to make trips into the forest where I grew up. I thought this week I would find and measure my first 150 foot tree, but the poplars seem to be maxing out in the 130 foot range so far. Although a little disappointed, the trees are becoming familiar and friends. The forest continues to amaze me, every trip reveals something different. Yesterday I saw a cottonwood tree, which may not seem all that special, but seeing it transported me instantly into New Mexico and Nevada. I guess that's the joy of travel, it's with you all the time, even when not actually present...

Eastern cottonwood
Cottonwood Trees in Nevada (June 2015)
Giant Cottonwood Tree in New Mexico

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