Sunday, April 18, 2010


I disassembled the PCT guide books this morning into sections and they are now ready to be placed into the appropriate resupply boxes. Thankfully, the books separate very easily. Just pull off the front and back cover and the pages peel off like sticky notes without the stick. I found affordable storage in the North Hollywood area and made reservations to move my belongings on Sunday. This week, I must buy food for the second half, and find boxes to organize resupply for the next five months. I feel pretty good, everything is going according to schedule. 2 Weeks to go before heading down to San Diego...


  1. The big snow year when we ran into so many PCT thru hikers we saw this fellow near the bottom of the hill heading up to Evolution Valley (he was heading down, of course). By now many of the hikers had a quality of, shall we say, slight insanity, and here was this dude, kind of prancing back and forth muttering to himself. As we got closer we noticed he had about 50 single pieces of paper laying out with a rock on top of each one. He was also dripping wet. Through the scene and his mutters we figured out he'd fallen in the creek and was trying to dry out the pages of his route. It was an impressive little project he had ahead of him; and I'm not talking about the Trail.

  2. Lol, wonder what he was like by the end of trail?