Sunday, April 25, 2010

One Week to Go

Well, one more week to go before I'm out of LA. Everything is moving along according to schedule. Someone has agreed to move into my room beginning May 1st, and thankfully my current roommate is also happy with the choice. I moved half of my belongings into storage today, I think I could have gotten away with a smaller unit. I thought I had more stuff, but I guess not. It was hard to leave my guitars in such a dark, gloomy, strange place. They are like my babies. As you can see, my apartment is filled with resupply boxes. I'm planning on working on them a little more tonight, and at least make some space to move around.

I'm also turning into a gram weenie. I made a post back in July laughing at a guy who was weighing all of his gear on a scale in an attempt to eliminate every superfluous once. Now I've become that guy. Dan sent me his small electronic scale and I've been weighing my gear piece by piece. I found out my pack weighs 6.3 pounds (with nothing in it) and my sleeping bag is 5.2pounds. 11.5 pounds total. Not cool!!!


  1. I think you'd rather have a heavy sleeping bag than a sleepless night!

  2. True Site Blogger, I think I'm going to make a last minute gear purchase to knock off a couple of pounds anyhow, and still plan on having a sleepfilled night!