Friday, April 30, 2010

Greetings from the East Coast!

As Mark dots his i's and crosses his t's, and continues his quest to shave a few ounces from his pack, I thought I'd introduce myself as his guest blogger while he's on the trail.  I'm Mark's brother Mike, the one on the far right of the photo below.  I'm an attorney practicing in the state of Delaware...a tiny state whose length Mark will have hiked twice before he ever leaves the L.A. area on the PCT.  Though I live on a flat coastal plain a continent apart, through the magic of the postal system, I'll be receiving and archiving Mark's photos while he's on the hike so you can get the latest news from the high Sierras.  I intend to post a few pics while he's on the trail so you can remain updated on his progress.  Keep checking in over the course of the next five months for updates and photos, and maybe a message or two from Mark! 


  1. Welcome aboard! Don't forget to throw in a few tales from our Colorado adventures! Thanks for taking care of the pictures...

  2. Hey Mike! So it begins.... you've got some shoes to fill!
    Thanks so much for stepping in. Looking forward to the posts of Mark's adventure.

  3. Mike, we await your entries as we keep track of who we have become to know, in our circles anyway, as "PCT Mark." Thanks in advance for the posts. PS Glad to know someone actually lives in Delaware ;-)