Saturday, May 1, 2010

Goodbye Verdugos

Creek located in canyon (above)

My buddy Pete came through big time helping me with one of the logistical challenges I was facing which not only saved me stress and anxiety, but precious time which allowed me to say goodbye to my friends the Verdugos. THANK YOU PETE!!
I took a new trail up the western slope and shockingly came across a tiny creek that I didn't know existed. After almost two years hiking here, the creek was always so close but I never took the right trail to see it. It was a fitting goodbye gift from these mountains that have nourished soul, body, and mind.

Not to take anything away from the upcoming adventure, while reading some trail journals, I came across a quote from an AT thru-hiker named "Mountaingoat" describing his passion for hiking. I got a chuckle from it because the same thought had crossed my mind a couple months ago: "I'd found myself a purpose, an utterly pointless purpose, but you take what you can get!"

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  1. Good luck, Mark. Purposeless purpose makes a whole lot of sense. Will be thinking of you. See you when you get here!