Monday, May 24, 2010


Now that Lost! is finally through and all of the Island's mysteries were finally revealed and we can move on with our lives comfortable in the revelations that at last we know what the Dharma Initiative was, why babies couldn't be born on the Island, the reason for all the time travel, what Widmore was after, why Hurley could see dead people, and all the rest, what better summer drama to turn our attention to than Mark's long hike up the backbone of the West Coast.  I promise to have more posts on the PCT soon now that I no longer have to worry what happened to Walt, or who built the frozen donkey wheel and the giant Egyptian statue, or the significance of the numbers on the Hatch, who were the Others, and so on.   So glad it was all cleared up.

More posts to come once I have some time, and hopefully word from Mark.


  1. Wow...guess I'll have to catch it on dvd??

    Suppose no word is good word at this juncture, yes?

    Thanks for the posts! Glad he is finally on the Trail.

  2. Let's pray Mark's journey is less convoluted and never involves the word "lost".