Sunday, May 9, 2010


Prickly Phlox (above)

Bush Monkeyflower (above)
The way I see it, I have four primary goals at the moment.
1. Find a tenant
2. Stay in shape
3. Spend as little money as possible
4. Keep the faith
Yesterday evening, I took a hike in the Verdugos after returning from Campo. Prickly phlox are out and about and the bush monkeyflower are also exploding at the moment.


  1. I'm impressed by your equanimity.
    Perhaps there is a reason for this delay.
    Take care.

  2. Mark, a bastard would take off anyway, leaving behind a mess for others and a bigger one for himself. So, right now as it snows really hard, and blows really hard, I know that you are in maybe not the best place, but the right place. Soon enough, I believe, you will be on the Trail. For now, be glad you are not anywhere near the Sierra with a little Go-Lite shelter. Burrrr.

  3. Thanks Kate and Robin, I think I needed to hear that.