Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jones Peak

Today I was going to take a hike in Santa Anita Canyon when it occurred to me that my Adventure Pass expired last month. I decided to hike Mt. Wilson instead, figuring that it would give me a good workout and keep me in shape once I hit the trail. While driving to the Mt. Wilson trail head, I ended up getting lost and arrived at the Bailey Canyon Trail. I had never heard of it before so I thought what the hell. It turned out to be a fantastic choice.
I only saw one other hiker all day, the weather was perfect, and I got a great workout. I actually missed Jones Peak and hiked a little higher to a different knob. The sign seemed to be missing from the pole in the ground so I'm not sure what it was. It offered great views of the city and Mt. Wilson to the north.
I talked to Dan on the phone briefly today. Sounds like he is having a great time on the PCT and has just passed Mt. Laguna. He confirmed my resupply package is there and waiting. The Post Office said they will send it back to the return address for free if I don't pick it up in 30 days.


  1. Oh, dude, I can't believe this! You must either be a wreck or close to being the Buddha by now. Any word on your housing situation? Glad you have those mountains to make the best of your time! Great pics!

  2. That was my 8th hike of the year, although I see I never posted a trip report for that one. I also turned around at the peak with the pole in the ground. I think it's Hastings Peak.

    Then I returned via Little Santa Anita Canyon (the Mount Wilson Trail). That's if you head east from just north of the saddle. There was a laser printed sign there pointing the way at the time.

    I also hadn't even heard of this park until a few days before I hiked from it, either.

    On a later hike, I went up Little Santa Anita Canyon to the toll road, then headed left (down) on the toll road for about 1/2 mile, then took the firebreak down over those peaks down, down to Jones Saddle, and on back down to Sierra Madre. All sorts of variations are possible, once you figure out the geography of these trails and trailheads.

  3. Oh, forgot to compliment your photography, too!

  4. Robin, I throw all my tantrums off line. I now understand why the Budha was bald. If this is what it takes to become a Buddha, it's better not to have any hair because your more than likely to rip it all out anyhow.

    Hey Site Blogger, while I was near Mt. Jones, I noticed a great trail heading up to Mt. Wilson to the east to where I was standing. It basically followed the spine all the way to the top. Have you done that route? If you look in the ninth picture, the trail would be on top of the first mountain behind the lupine bush.

  5. Have you hiked Wilson from Chantry Flat, to the fire road?

  6. mark--not sure about the trail. The Mazanita Ridge Trail (from either Little Santa Anita Canyon or Winter Creek) sort of runs along a ridge towards Wilson. I think the horse trail stays more on the ridge than the hiking trail. Both run into the Toll Road before they get to the summit. The Mount Wilson Trail also leaves the toll road for the last 1/3 of a mile or so, also running along a ridge.

    From the east of Mount Wilson, the Sturdevent Trail spends some time on a ridge, before putting you right near the obseravatory domes.

    Finally, there's what I think they call the "Rim Trail," that comes mostly from the east, too. Never been on that trail, though. It's closed for fire recovery at the moment, anyway.