Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Mark, now that you will be starting the trail in Idyllwild, a couple questions:

1. How will you get there?
2. How will you meet up with Dan?
3. When is your first supply drop and have you adjusted your pack accordingly?
4. What happens when you get to Canada?  Is it back to Idyllwild and down to Mexico or the opposite?  And how will you get there?  Is Dan going to rehike that part with you?  (Is this too many questions for one bullet point?)


  1. Interesting questions Michael. I discovered something as simple as meeting Dan in Idyllwild really is not that simple after all.

    I decided I was going to try and take public transportation and meet Dan in Idyllwild around mid week. Since I am leaving my vehicle in San Diego, I went online to check bus schedules. Greyhound does not pass through Idyllwild, but it does have a station in Palm Springs which is located on the east side of Mount San Jacinto State Park. Idyllwild is located on the western side. The PCT runs right through the middle. I also discovered that the Greyhound only leaves for Palm Springs from San Diego at 4:00pm, arriving at 9:00pm. That means, upon arrival in Palm Springs, I would have to find a "stealth" camp along the outskirts of town, find a hotel room, or camp in a campground all of which can be pricey except for the first but more stressful "stealth" option. The next day, I would have to find a way to reach the PCT from Palm Springs.

    I found out that there is a tramway that takes passengers from Palm Springs up to the higher elevations in San Jacinto State Park that costs about $23. To reach the PCT would require another 3 mile hike, then a 5 mile hike down the Devil's Slide Trail into Idyllwild, and then another 2 mile road hike or hitch into Idyllwild. Not that big of a deal considering that's what the next few months will be like when we reach resupply points. The main problem is that I was informed that most of the hiking would be through trails that are completely snow covered and not well marked. This area is where a lot of thru hikers have been getting lost this year, and supposedly there are footprints heading every which direction. To put it simply, I'm just not comfortable attempting snow travel in an area I'm not familiar with, alone, and just starting the trip. Thankfully, Pete offered to give me a ride to the trailhead on Saturday. Most likely, I will meet Dan north of Idyllwild along the I-10.

    1.) Pete generously offered me a ride to the trailhead on Saturday. He has come through to help numerous times already and I'm very grateful.
    2.) Dan and I both have cell phones, so hopefully we can coordinate a meeting place.
    3.) I've already missed two resupply points where I had packages waiting (Mt. Laguna, Warner Springs) but the next one for me will be in Big Bear.
    4.) If Dan and I make it to Canada and I still have enough money and mental strength then yes, I will hike from the point where I start this weekend and head south back to Campo. Most likely a week to ten day solo venture.

  2. It's all part of the adventure!

    On an episode of Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe serviced those trams in Palm Springs. It looked neat enough that I added it to the list of things I'd like to do one day.