Saturday, May 8, 2010

Campo/Back in LA

The Southern Terminus
Me and Dan
Dan signing the registry at the Southern Terminus
Jim and Dan begin their epic PCT journey
I dropped Dan off at the Southern Terminus this morning and I'm embarrassed to say that I find myself back in LA trying to resolve my apartment situation. At some future date, I'll have to write about the last few days. Right now, it feels like a tragedy, but the whole thing is really quite comical. I wish I could have made a documentary out of it. Anyways, I'm hoping to find someone to move into my room so I can either get a very late start and eventually catch Dan a few weeks later, or meet him on the trail and then "flip flop" and finish the beginning section at the end. I'm really worried the window for even hiking the trail this year is rapidly closing on me.


  1. Well, the good news is that it may be be impossible to hike the WHOLE trail this year, anyway. A large section that runs through the Angeles National Forest may be closed until at least October for Station Fire recovery.

    If you can join them once they get to the Angeles, you'd still have a great adventure ahead of you. And you could come back and finish the southern section at the end.

    Best of luck getting this straightened out.

  2. Hey Site Blogger,
    yeah, the PCT is closed in the Station Fire Burn Area, there is a detour that goes around it. Actually, starting late will give me the chance to research the detour a bit. One hiker that has already passed through there sounds like he had a real hard time.

    At this point, I'm hoping to join my friend on the trail and then finish the beginning in the fall, the miles that I will have to skip.