Sunday, April 24, 2011

Anchor Bay

Work sent me out to the coast again on Friday, to the town of Anchor Bay, about 15 miles south of Point Arena. The morning started out with giving a lift to a hitchhiker from Switzerland. He has been travelling all around the world, and our conversation was way too short, since he only needed a ride to the south side of town. He seemed like a real good kid, and he probably had some amazing stories. Those will have to be relayed by someone else. Once I dropped him off, I headed west.

This is where the Navarro River enters the ocean. It's amazing to think about where this water travelled from. Here, at this spot, it is finishing this particular journey.

While I was walking back to my car, an older man pointed out to me an old abandoned road up on the cliff side (above). He said this road was constructed during World War II, and was used to scan the ocean for enemy submarines. The road went as far north as Oregon. "It's amazing what people are capable of," he said to his wife while I walked away.

After working in Anchor Bay, I drove a few miles south to the Medocino/Sonoma county line. Above is the Gulala River, as it finishes it's final curves before entering the Pacific.

I then returned north along the coast on Highway 1 and the skies began to clear a bit.I took a couple of short hikes along the bluffs in various spots and took a few pictures.

Just before the town of Mendocino, I took a short walk along another beach area. There was a party going on, and beautiful women everywhere. It seemed odd to see so many in one place, especially on a cold beach. It reminded me of times in LA when I'd stumble upon a TV or movie film set. There were always good looking actors and actresses and film crews standing around. This was no film set, and a hilarious article I read recently in the Ukiah Blog came to mind. I wondered if these were some of the infamous "pot moms."

Anyhow, there were some awesome natural shelters built on the beach.

I spent the night camped out near Ft. Bragg, and awoke to another cool and cloudy morning.

Before heading home, I watched a few surfers take on the cold ocean and catch some decent waves. A good first half of the weekend. Happy Easter everybody!

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