Saturday, April 16, 2011

Town Walk

The last couple of days, I've been taking short walks around town. Some of the streets are quite nice, and there are several small streams running through town. I get a kick how the quiet, wilder spots in town seem to draw the most riff raff. Today, I saw a couple of drunks hanging out under a bridge. It was actually, a really nice spot. My inner-bum also leads me to these areas. Today, I was looking for an outdoor tunnel or man made overhang to play some music, but didn't find anything of note.


  1. Didn't find "anything of note." Heh. Pun intended? :D

    Neat poppies among the train tracks.

  2. Skyhiker, it's always my hope that I can "strike a chord" with my one or two readers.

  3. That deserves a groan. . . . :D