Monday, April 18, 2011

Just Walkin'

Took a nice long walk after work today. Blessed with blue sky and sun this afternoon after it rained most of the day. I picked up some hitchhikers along the 101 and drove them to the town of Willits. There were three of them all together. They mentioned that they were eventually going to try and settle in Arkansas later this year, live in caves in the Ozarks, and hunt and gather their meals. Killing wild pigs is legal, one of them mentioned, and another was supposedly an expert mushroom hunter. For now, they are selling jewelry, begging, and probably selling other things to survive. These street kids have a fascinating culture.

I picked up three of them last week as well. They were probably not even in their twenties, runaways from home is my guess. One kid said he's been traveling since he was 14, hopping trains all the way from Pennsylvania. They were also making their way up the coast from Southern California. I'm not sure it's the safest thing in the world to pick up these kids, but so far they seem to be grateful for the ride, and they've all been respectful...

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