Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bowling Ball Beach

I drove down to Anchor Bay again for work this Friday. A beautiful day along the coast. After work, I decided to check out Bowling Ball Beach.

The tide was high and I was curious to what I might find.

I looked at the sandstone cliffs for a while, and wondered what secrets were being told in the rocks. I didn't find much, just admired the crystals reflecting in the sunlight.

This large rock was lying in the sand and I assumed this was considered a "bowling ball."

However, I found out later that most of the large "bowling balls" that give the beach it's name were actually covered by the ocean. I'll have to try coming back again when the tide is low.

While driving home, I spotted these fantastic Columbines growing on the side of the road. Of course I had to stop and get a photo, and remember some glorious Sierra springs and meadows where I first saw these flowers.

These beauties were growing along the Navarro River...


  1. Nice shots.

    First time I came across a columbine (that I remember), it was in Icehouse Canyon, on the way up to Telegraph Peak, in the eastern Angeles National Forest. Couldn't identify it at the time, but I was mesmerized by their style.