Friday, May 27, 2011


I took a short hike up the Valley View Trail today under cool overcast skies. I had some flashbacks of some of those cold misty Washington days on the PCT, when the only thing to do to stay warm was to keep hiking. There were a lot of ticks on the trail today, and I picked several off my pants.

Larkspur making its appearance this week (above)

I saw many ticks just hanging out on the tips of the tall grasses, hooks outstretched, just waiting to grab a hold of some unfortunate passerby.

I took this picture a couple of days ago. They were growing alongside the road in Jackson State Forest (above).

I thought a lot about the AT today, and wondered if it would be possible for a 2012 attempt. It's been very hard to stay in the moment again the last few days, always wishing I was somewhere else.


  1. What, the ticks didn't discourage you? :D

    I hate ticks. Never even saw one until this year, but I've gotten bit by three already. Yuck.

  2. I hear ya Skyhiker, I can't sstand ticks either.