Saturday, May 28, 2011

Point Arena

It was a surprisingly nice day on the coast yesterday. Usually when it's cloudy inland, it's cloudy on the coast. Not this time, Once I reached the Pacific in my car, the skies opened up and blue skies and warm temperatures prevailed.

I took a hike along the bluffs in Point Arena near the lighthouse.

There was a lot of noise near the bluffs. It almost sounded like people yelling. I kept looking for signs of humans but did not see any.

As the yelling progressed, I continued walking and wondered what the people were so fired up about.

There were a few new wildflowers growing in the grass.

Eventually, I started to feel extremely hungry so I decided to turn around.

I never did find out what was making all that noise down below. There were a bunch of sea lions basking in the sun, and I think they may have been the culprits. Anyhow, it felt real good to get out and stretch the legs. On a side note, there were several bicyclists on the Pacific Coast Highway. May is bicycle month and there are many folks touring the western coastline this time of year it seems...

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