Friday, March 2, 2012

Albino Redwood

I had a couple of hours to kill between work cases today, so I headed out into the redwoods to look for an albino during my lunch break. It was a surreal moment when lo and behold, lurking conveniently behind a medium aged redwood, an albino revealed itself.
 Who needs gold? Who needs silver? Who needs any man made riches when God, or Nature, or whatever a person wants to call it, kindly reveals its treasures, providing soul enriching nourishment. The albinos are out there to find, for anyone willing to spend time with the redwoods. We keep the locations secret. It's for the benefit of the trees.
 This albino was found purely by chance. There were just a few white branches sticking out of a mat of dead ones. It had a beautiful white top about 25 to 30 feet up the base of its host tree. It was a beautiful, sunny, crisp cold day in Northern California. The day after a major rain event. A great day to be alive.

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