Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Montgomery Woods

 It's been raining off and on for the last two weeks it seems. It's good to get some much needed rainfall after a dry fall and winter. I visited Montgomery Woods on Sunday despite fighting off a nasty, lingering cold. Before reaching the redwood grove, I was surprised to see some snow on the top of the mountain, dusting the distant tops of the trees.
 There was a lot of water flowing through the grove, the most I've ever seen. The trail was covered with flowing water for the most part. There were a lot of trillium in bloom.
 I had to stop by and say hello to my tree friend "Gnarles." Spent more time looking for the "ghost of Montgomery," still no luck.
 I came across some more logging equipment, at least that's what I think this is. Also found a pretty cool tree house some hermit was living in. It was basically a burned out old redwood stump, with a converted fire place and chimney coming out the top, with shelves and old bedding on the inside.

The calypso orchids are starting to bloom on the redwood forest floor now. I believe they are also called pink lady slipper as well.
 Also, there was a lot of different lichens lying on the ground, blown off from the upper branches. It was pretty windy on Sunday, and I watched some of the trees bend in a variety of ways. As far as I could tell, all of the old giants survived this weeks winter storm.


  1. Neat stream picture, though it's probably a common view where you are.

    Hey, here's something totally off the wall: If you squint (or have bad vision) at your banner picture (you reaching around a redwood), you kind of look like a cow's head. Your hands are the tips of its horns, your hair is the top of its head, and your shirt tail is the nose of the bovine. Just thought I'd share that. . . . :D

  2. Skyhiker, you startin' beef?

  3. Sorry Skyhiker, I meant to say, you startin' "beef?"
    A terrible attempt at humor on my part.