Monday, March 19, 2012

Redwood Fairy Ring

If the redwoods have one thing going for them in their battle for survival, it's their ability to sprout new trees off the roots of previously logged or burned stumps. After a short time, each tree develops its own root system. These growths are referred to as "redwood fairy rings." This particular cluster was found in a logged section of forest near Montgomery Woods.


  1. Only 1000 years to wait till they get to the size of those chopped down for garden furniture. WTF is wrong with humans? ANd they say we are the intelligent species? They should really start looking towards the animals for a little enlightenment and education.

  2. I hear ya, it's a painful and harsh reality. If civilization continues on its current course, it's hard to imagine, almost impossible to believe that we will have the discipline to refrain from logging what remains of our forests. Will old growth ever be seen again? At the same time, my gut tells me every time I walk in a logged forest that something doesn't seem right about it. The only place I know where to begin with changing this reality is with myself. I must be more aware of the effects of my consumption choices.