Sunday, March 4, 2012

Montgomery Woods

 I spent the weekend exploring a little more in Montgomery Woods on Saturday and Mailliard Redwoods State Reserve Sunday. Both days included exhausting bushwhacks. It was nice to see a lot of water flowing in Montgomery Woods yesterday. The winter storm that passed a few days ago seems to have left a lot of water in the grove.
 During my exploration of Montgomery Woods, I found an interesting spot way up on the mountainside. It was like a mini lost grove. There were some descent sized trees up there. Just before the ridge top was a shelf maybe a hundred yards long or so that held several large trees and a fern garden. It was really peaceful here. There was just the faint sound of trickling water, but otherwise very quiet, and very secluded.
 After spending some time measuring the circumferences of some of the trees there, I hiked up the remaining few hundred feet to the top. The Redwoods were replaced by oaks and prairie grass, and I had a nice view into one of the valley's below.
The tree above was one of the largest in the lost grove up on the hillside. An ancient giant with a cavernous base. After exhausting my curiosity, I headed back down and called it a day.

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