Saturday, March 23, 2013

Caltrans Bypass: Willits CA, March 23, 2013

Heavy police presence occupying former tree sit site
 A lot has happened in the past week in Little Lake Valley, where the proposed Caltrans bypass is scheduled to be built. Essentially, construction equipment has moved in to begin preliminary development. 7 protesters were arrested on Thursday. "Warbler," the young 24 year old female tree sitter, remains in her tree for now, but the area where many protests occurred at the base of her tree and along the highway, has been fenced off and is now occupied by a heavy police presence. There are two more tree sits that went up in another location, but they also have been surrounded by the police and will be without resupply.
"Warbler" remains in her perch for now
Yesterday, a call went out that the CHP was beginning the process to extract Warbler from her tree.  About 50 of us gathered on the opposite side of the highway to bear witness and give support. Turns out, it was a false alarm. We were greeted with a strong police presence on the opposite side of the highway, complete with ATV's, cameras, video recorders, and plenty of twist ties for arrest if we dared trespass.
For me, its a sad realization. However, I still believe the cause is just, the land is important, our environment is worth standing up for all across this country.

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