Sunday, March 17, 2013

CDT Planning: March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day! CDT planning is in full swing, thank God. Finally, I feel like I've jumped into the river and have caught the current. I've been planning this hike off and on for almost two years now, doing a little bit here, reading a little bit there, but always seemed to get distracted by other things. I think the focus I was hoping for finally has come. Of course, that's procrastination for you.

Today was supposed to be GPS Sunday. I've been dreading getting my GPS ready because the information looks so confusing. Every time in the past when I'd do a little research, I'd give up after a while because my head hurt. After a good breakfast and a mug of hot tea, I was ready to take on the challenge. Unfortunately, I hit a wall right in the beginning. My laptop is old  (2006) and has not been working well lately, and is probably on the out. A friend of mine had to jerry rig the thing a few months ago because I couldn't get online anymore, something about DSL codes malfunctioning or something. Anyhow, he fixed it somehow, but I have to use a CD that he burned to use the Internet. Needless to say, I haven't really downloaded any new programs since then. Today, when I tried to download the Garmin map software, I couldn't do it, and couldn't figure out a way around it. Not sure what I'm going to do at the moment, but it was disappointing since I finally had the motivation to confront my GPS prep demons.

Not wanting to waste a good morning, I did a little more Jonthan Ley map/Delorme transcribing. Maps for me, have always been a lot like books: For some reason, I have this ingrained fear of writing on them. I guess it's from my days in grade school, when we'd get scolded for writing in our textbooks. Well, I've started writing on my Jonathan Ley maps, and it feels great. Nothing too extreme, just circling the names of the prominent features on each map. I mentioned in my last post, that many of the names are extremely hard to read on the 8x11 maps. Circling the names of some of the more prominent features has really lowered my stress level. Now I can easily pinpoint the places on the Ley and Delorme maps without having to squint too much, or try to make out what the words say or figure out where they are in relation to one another. Once again, I am really enjoying this transcribing process. It's a great way to become familiar with the maps and different places before heading out. I finished Montana yesterday, and have been working on Wyoming. Hope to do a little more this evening.


  1. I hope there is a circle around Bison Ass Head!!!!

  2. We will see once I get closer to that spot!