Monday, January 19, 2015

Prairie Creek

Redwood Creek: Looking towards lady Bird Johnson Grove
Layers of canopy
A big redwood tree snapped into two very recently near the Visitor Center, leaving a gaping hole in the canopy.
Redwood fusions in foreground and background
Fascinating limb and reiterations
Burl and fern garden
The first time I visited Prairie Creek in 2011, I got a little lost and found this gigantic fusion. This past year, every now and then, I would wonder where these trees were. They grow on a "Forgotten Flat."
I had a great visit to Prairie Creek yesterday. I have to say, I love the first 15 to 30 minutes after I get out of my car and enter the forest. It's always a complete assault on the senses, a euphoric time. The forest was very misty today, and dripping with water from the weekend's latest storm...


  1. Nice pics. Agree on the first few minutes, a great feeling. I haven't felt it since oct, need to come up soon.
    It's a weird feeling when you find something a forget where it is :)

  2. The forgotten flat is pretty incredible.

  3. Jay it doesn't take long (for me anyways) to start forgetting where things are or getting confused. I wonder what it would be like to take a few years off and then return?

    Max, it is pretty awesome. Seems like a whole world back there to discover up some of those creeks...