Friday, January 30, 2015

This Week in Humboldt Redwoods State Park

Earth Star
Redwoods can take on many different looks. Some trees may not have any branches until 150 feet up the stem of the trunk. This green, shaggy redwood has branches all the way to the ground.
A redwood recently fell and slammed into this guy on the way down. This tree is now leaning and seriously cracked. It has a healthy, bushy crown, but I wonder if it will collapse soon under it's own weight. 

Just south of Leggett on highway 101, is a giant (I assume a redwood) tree that dominates the mountain side. If you are ever driving south towards Laytonville, the tree will perfectly frame itself in your rear view mirror. Heading north, you will the trees canopy like a mushroom cloud over the mountain. I added a red arrow to the photo, as it doesn't do justice.
Lilies are popping out already
Large bay laurel. 

Redwood grove and mountains
High pressure seems to be keeping the rain at bay this month. Other than one weekend storm that I can think of, it's been pretty warm and dry around here this month. There was an earthquake near Ferndale earlier this week that rattled the house pretty good. The redwood forest continues to do its thing. Sometimes, it really seems fragile, despite it's majesty...

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