Sunday, September 25, 2016

Camping Along the Potomac: Great Falls

Hiking up the C&O Canal

Potomac River

My camp set up did little to keep out the bugs...

Great Falls

Last weekend, I met my friend Pete along the C&O Canal for a night of a camping along the Potomac River. Pete was on his last night of a 15 day bike tour of the Canal and parts of Pennsylvania. He also biked down the California coast a few years ago and I met him for a night of camping in Gualala, California when I used to live out there.

Originally, we were going to camp at a place called lock 22. It was a really nice spot, but all the campsites were taken by the time we arrived. Instead of sharing a site with a bunch of other people, we hiked down the towpath a mile or so and stealth camped in the woods near the river. I brought a little tape recorder and a cassette tape of Jimi Hendrix. It was fun to remember old times, drink some whiskey, listen to Jimi, eat dinner, and stare out over the Potomac River. It was a hot and buggy night however, and I did not sleep well. Mosquitoes found themselves into my bug netting and snacked on my hands and face most of the night. The heat made it difficult to get into the sleeping bag. By morning, I felt pretty exhausted. Such is camping at this age.

In the morning, Pete and I stopped by Great Falls. After that, Pete rode off to Georgetown to finish his bike tour, and I went home to take a nap...

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