Monday, September 5, 2016

Harper's Ferry, West Virginia

Large Ash Tree: 95.52 feet tall

Large Ash Tree: 12ft, 7 inch cbh

One of my favorite trees in Harper's Ferry: 86.2 ft. tall Locust Tree

Tubing down the Potomac. The Shenandoah River merges with the Potomac just to the right of this photo.

I drove out to Harper's Ferry West Virginia yesterday for some much needed mountain time. I wanted to measure a couple of trees I've had my eye on from previous visits to the area in the spring. The small town was bustling with tourists, and I saw what appeared to be a couple of Southbound AT thru hikers passing through. The last time I was in the area was in the spring before the leaves came out, so it was nice to see the mountains leafed out. The highlight of the day was measuring my favorite tree in town, a locust tree growing next to John Brown's fort, the building John Brown and a few of his followers barricaded themselves during the Harper's Ferry arsenal raid in 1859...


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  2. Sorry, trying to put a link in my post. Just putting the url didn't work. This may not work, either. But it's a post about a hike above Altadena, which included my "discovery" of the burial spot for Owen Brown, one of John Brown's sons. He lived in Altadena for a while. Brown Mountain was named for him.

    1. Bummer, the link says the page is not available