Saturday, September 17, 2016

Large Beech Tree/ Montgomery C. Meigs: Washington Aqueduct

Moss and Rocks

Large Beech: Circumference at Breast Height: 9 feet 4 inches
Height: minimum 103.02 feet

Washington Aqueduct
I went for a hike near the C&O Canal yesterday after work. It's still hot as hell around here for the most part, but the forest is showing signs of the inevitable fall and winter. Some leaves are just starting to show a bit of fall color.

While hiking along the path, I crossed a small bridge, and down below was a wall built with the stones of the past. The stone work looks amazing, and inscribed on the wall was a name I have not heard of before. The inscription reads: Washington Aqueduct/Capt. M. Meigs/ Chief Engineer 1857.

After a little research it appears Capt. Montgomery Meigs was quite an interesting man in American history. Here's a Washington post article about some of Meig's life and accomplishments. Experiencing a bit of history on hikes is always a bonus. I find water flow and transport fascinating, whether naturally or human engineered. The fact that the aqueduct is still in use today is a testament to Meig's vision and design. Throughout the forest, there appears to be sites where people once frequented, but have been deserted for one reason or another. The woods now have reclaimed these spots.

Also during the hike, I measured my first beech tree. It's a rather large tree located on the trail. I could not see the top of the tree through the forest so I recorded a minimum height of 103.02 feet. There are quite a few of these fairly large beech trees scattered around the forest here...

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