Monday, September 12, 2016

Eastern Red Cedar and Tulip Poplar

Eastern Red Cedar: 68.21 ft.
Circumference at breast height: 7 feet, 10 inches.

Eastern Red Cedar #2: Height 63.47 feet
Circumference at breast height: 9 feet, 8 inches

Tulip Poplar: Height 89.42 feet
Circumference at breast height: 17 feet, 1 inch

I took a short hike yesterday and measured a few trees in the area that I've had my eye on. I'm starting to enjoy urban tree hunting more and more these days, I guess I don't really have much of a choice. It's still exciting to see a tree from a distance for a while, and then to finally walk up to it and experience the "Wow" factor. A big ol' tulip poplar had that effect yesterday. The tree grows in the back of a church parking lot. A quick glimpse can be seen while driving down the road, but to see it up close, it's clear that it's a special tree. It has a huge base, and wild thick limbs. A lot of these big trees in the area have unusual characteristics, the result of human appreciation or fascination. This tree had a door hinge nailed into it for some reason, as well as an old, frayed rope hanging from one of the limbs. I'm left to wonder how long the tree has been here, and how the area has changed in its lifetime.

I also stopped by another cemetery to measure a couple of nice looking eastern red cedar trees. cemeteries seem to be nice places to find big trees. The gravestones went as far back as the late 1800's. One wonders how old the cedars are, they appear larger than most I've seen so far. These are the first cedars I have measured...

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