Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Donahue Pass

More from August 4, 2009:

I'm camped just below Donahue Pass. In many ways, the surrounding landscape looks foreboding, wild, and dangerous. Then there are the most beautiful, lush, alpine meadows with gentle creeks meandering through, sprinkled with wildflowers which gives it a graceful touch. Quite a contrast. Thought I might have a night alone in this beautiful spot, but alas, a group of campers also found a secret campsite off the beaten path. I guess it's hard to find solitude on the JMT in August.

I decided to take a short walk as the sun was setting and admire the pines. I walked closer to the main mountain dominating the skyline and was immediately struck with awe. It was the most beautiful and heavenly scene, the mountain jutting towards the heavens, white, angelic snow from the glacier hanging to the sides, a cascading waterfall flowing into a delicious pool of ice cold water, gardens that would leave the greatest of landscapers to shame. God has blessed this land.

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